FALE EQUUS - Jana & Thibaut

Jana comes from Germany.

Thibaut comes from France.

But not only geographicly we arrive from very different corners.

While Jana was growing up with horses, enjoying animals, nature and freedom, Thibaut was raised in the metropol of Paris, the city of love and fashion but also the busy crossroad of european economy.

While Jana was studying the different natural horsemanship concepts and Monty Roberts methods (for about 18 years), Thibaut was learning in business schools, preparing his life as international developer for the biggest companies of Europe.

What we had in common all our life?

The dream to live in Brazil one day!

In the project Thibaut's mission is the organisation and development, while Jana will be free to share her love and knowledge about horses with everybody who is passioned about these beautiful creatures, too.

Jana's life: Living for horses

Jana grew up on a farm with horses in Germany . She is licensed trainer for gaited horses and teacher for Centered Riding. Jana started to learn Monty’s concepts in 2001. She did also study photography, journalism and horse communication science in Berlin, Germany . All of it to help on the mission of  “leaving the world as a better place for horses and people“. Jana loves to travel, to explore different countries, cultures and their way of horse training. She has been working horses all over Europe and in South America, always looking for the most natural, effective and respectful relationship between horses and humans. Jana worked with several instructors to complete her experience. She has been on Monty’s team for tours in Germany , Denmark , Austria , Switzerland and Brazil . Jana is situated in southern France but is looking forward to travel for teaching Monty’s classes in Brazil and all over South America. 


Moment of Join Up. Jana (Monty Roberts Instructor Brazil) learned to build a trust based relationship from her teacher Monty Roberts.


Much more than a "horse whisperer" I see myself as a translater. I try my best to make individuums from completely different spezies and with different languages, understand each other.

Nothing what I do is magic. It is the horse which is a magic  animal. And when you treat it in a natural and respectful way it is their beautiful characters that get visible! And that is indeed fantastic.

Fale Equus' Philosophy

The philosophy of our work with horses is based on nonviolence, respect and trust!

Without the human no horse in the world would have a problem. 

As trainer of our horse it is our duty to create an environment in which the horse can learn easily. We strongly believe that horses as well as human students can only develop their full potential when we eliminate fear from the learning process.

When we start asking, guiding and thanking instead of forcing the horse to do something, a partnership with equal rights begins to grow.

This partnership allows us to perfectionate the performance of our horse and increases our skills as leading personalities.

" A good horsetrainer can get a horse to do what he wants him to do.

 A great trainer can get a horse to want to do it."   

Monty Roberts

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