Dialogue on the ground

Natural communication and Liberty work

A class for Who?

For people who are on the search, who always want the best for their horse. If you wish for lightness in the communication and a profound partnership to create playful cooperation you will enjoy these two days that guide you towards the first steps of working at liberty.


Through observation, analysis and a lot of practical work. Exercises about body awareness complete our meeting with the horses in the box, the round pen or the arena.


My own motivation arises from a deep and unconditional love and respect for horses and for our mother earth in general. 

The wish of working with horses at liberty is always connected with an important development in our life and a holistic search for fulfillment.




  • body awareness, mindfulness and centering
  • analysis of the horses individual character
  • different ways to take over leadership
  • contact and touch - adjust the head position
  • energy control - transitions of gaits
  • the healthy way of moving and carrying (preparation for riding)
  • stopping with engaged hindquarters
  • exercises lead into liberty work
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