Dialogue in the saddle

"Riding in Balance"

Learn how to ride your horse in balance with Jana Monty Roberts Instructor brazil (Fale Equus).

In this clinic you will learn the important basics to get in balance with your horse and ride with finest signals. 50% of the exercises will be done on the ground to be better prepared for the time in the saddle.

It is mainly the basics that we have to work on to bring our riding to the next level. Elements of Centered Riding (method of Sally Swift, United States) will help you to ride more with your mind and less with your muscles. The most important part of this training is the increasing of your body awareness. Jana will help you to be more aware of your feelings and what your body is actually doing while riding a horse.


"Only if you know what you do, you can really do what you want!“ 


Duration: 2 days (during the week end)
Number of participants: up to 8
Price: US $ 370 - Booking: contato@faleequus.com
Payment: in one, two or three times before the course


Next Classes: 

January 2018 in Florianópolis - BRAZIL

Abril 2018 in Aquitaine - FRANCE

Information: www.equinedialogue.com


Jana has been growing up on horseback. Using Monty Roberts concepts not only on the ground but in the saddle, you can bring your horsemanship to another level.
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