Discovering Day of the "Monty Roberts Technics"

Is it real? Is it magic? What is it, that famous Join-Up®?

During this class, you are welcome to discover the nature and the psychology of the horse.

Shadow of a cowboy using Monty Roberts' Join Up and natural horsemanship tecnics.

You will learn a lot about Monty Roberts life and you will discover in live the Join-Up® process.


Jana will offer a mix of theory and practical demonstrations in the round pen, and will also take time to answer all your questions.

You will learn about Join-Up® , how to use Monty´s training halter (the Dually™), how to load safely horses in a trailer, how to densensitize horses from plastic on the stick or on the floor, and also how to work with problematic horses.


This day is an ideal step before learning with your own hands the magic of Join-Up® in a practical "Join-Up® class". 


Duration: 1/2 day (On friday before a Join-Up® class)
Number of participants
up to 20
 80 US - Booking:

Payment: in one or two times before the course


Next Class: Friday the 26th of January 2018 in San Paulo - BRAZIL.

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