Equus Courses

"There is no such thing as teaching, only learning" Monty Roberts

Jana is concentrating all her energy and dedication on the work with horses and the people who want to work with them.

In our classes you are welcome to do beautiful Join-Ups®. But you are also welcome to do mistakes. Only the one who never tries something new does not do mistakes, but will also never learn!

This is an Equus course held at Monty Roberts' fazenda Flag Is Up Farms. The horse experienced Join Up and is very trustfull towards the humans.

Let's have a look at Jana's calendar for booking a class!   contato@faleequus.com


Start learning with the "Join-Up®" class and follow then with the two weeks intensive "Introductory Course of Horsemanship" to go further in the Monty Roberts education.

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