Monty Roberts Learning Center - Brazil

"Successful communication for horses and humans"

Jana (Monty Roberts Instructor brazil) at Monty's fazenda Flag Is Up Farms in california, moment of Join Up

Join Up® in Brazil : Learn with Jana to talk "Equus" the language of the horse …


... because violence is never an answear.

... because you should always be able to smile while training a horse.

... because a partnership on the base of trust is a big present.

… because horses have such a high social intelligence that we can learn a lot

    from them.

... because the horse can not learn our own language!

Jana is a certified Monty Roberts instructor and has been studying the different concepts of Join Up and natural horsemanship all her life. Today Jana is teach Join Up in brazi and south america.

Jana Widdecke : Monty Roberts Official Representant in Brazil

Jana with her mentor Monty Roberts at Flag Is Up Farms. He braught her skills in natural horsemanship and Join Up to a higher level.
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